Pathology Portfolio...

Jones & Brooks have been providing a print service to Pathology Laboratories for over 30 years and have worked in conjunction with our contacts to develop an extensive portfolio of specialist and standard print items.  This extends from our unique form and bag combinations with our patented leakproof sealing method to standard laser or continuous report paper.  With the introduction of scanning or electronic requesting solutions we have expanded our range to include an entirely new selection of specimen bags and integrated label sheets.

Combined Manual Request Forms and specimen bags

Our unique combined request form and specimen bag solutions come with a multitude of advantages to help streamline Pathology workflow whilst supporting legislation regarding the safe transportation of specimens by road.  The introduction of this product into the majority of laboratories across the United Kingdom has also led to financial savings on the stationery itself.  The bags themselves are equipped with the Jones & Brooks Patented leak-proof sealing method which can also be employed as a tamper evidence feature. 
The forms come in a wide range of sizes to suit individual needs, they can be supplied as single or multi-part sets and we can even addan additional specimen bag on the front so that specimens can be bagged up for different departments with duplicated request forms.

We have introduced an easy-open feature on our bags to help any potential RSI related issues whilst also speeding up the process and allowing safer access to the specimens.  This feature can be highlighted with printing on the bags which also comes in handy to print important messages to perhaps identify urgent specimens or to emphasise a safety message.  More customers are moving to our tinted Specimen bags to help the reception staff distinguish between specific departmental specimens.

A major advance is the automatic insertion of our 40ml guaranteed absorbent material which is the ultimate solution for laboratories aiming to meet the strict but essential legislation on safe specimen transportation.

Order Communications Stationery

Specimen Bags:  Whether you require a manual request form that needs to be scanned for Optical Character Recognition or a specimen bag that can interact with a printed request sheet or a simple bag to house a barcoded tube, we have a variety of options available.

Integrated Label Sheets:  The majority of electronic requesting systems allow the use of an A4 or A5 integrated label sheet which the user can use with an existing printer.  A copy of the request is printed on the paper and the patients demographics or a specific barcode are printed on a series of integrated labels which can then be stuck to the relevant samples.  We have a variety of different label setups and use an adhesive which means the labels stay stuck to the specimens even at low temperatures.

Transport Bags

Bespoke bulk transport bags are available on request.  These bags can be printed to suit your requirements.  Adhesive strips to seal the bags, a perforation to make them easier to open, various opaque and tinted colours and the insertion of our 40ml guaranteed material are optional.

Report Paper

Our report paper is specifically designed to fit around your existing printer setup.  We offer a range of paper types ranging from continuous tractor-fed paper to laser guaranteed paper.  We can tint the paper as required and if it needs to be stored in case note folders or if a second copy is required we can perforate them accordingly.